CAS No: 57817-89-7

Packaging: 20 kg/ Brown box

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Product Application

Coffee/ Baked goods (baking mixes, bakery products, desserts, dessert mixes, toppings, topping mixes, fillings, filling mixes)/Dairy products (dry milk products, dairy beverages, dairy desserts, frozen desserts, puddings, pudding mixes)/Cereals and cereal products/Fruit, vegetable and nut products (fruit spreads, processed fruit and vegetable products)/Beverages (dairy beverages, beverage concentrates, beverage mixes, still beverages, carbonated beverages)/Sugars, sugar preserves and confectionery (table-top sweeteners, confections, confection coatings, confectionery glazes, table syrups)/Alcoholic drinks/Vinegar, pickles and sauces (salad dressings, condiments)/Other (chewing gum, breath freshener, sweetened seasonings, coatings mixes for snack foods)



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