CAS No: 99-20-7 (Anhydrous) 6138-23-4 (Dhydrate)

Packaging: 25kg/ Brown box

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Product Application

Bakery goods (cookie, moon cake stuffing, dessert stuffing, bread, and cake) / beverages (solid, sports, juice, tea ,wine, milk , and soy) / confectionery / fruit jam / jelly / pudding / toffee/ crisp candy / fruit fudge/ sugar tablets / chewing gum / chocolate / sugar-coated snacks / breakfast cereals / rice / noodles / fruit purees / poultry meat and egg processed / Aquatic processed products (fish fillet, minced, fish cake and its finished goods / seasoning seaweed and Nori / dried fruit / Sauce / pickle / soup powder



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