Ascorbic Acid

CAS No: 50-81-7

Packaging: 25kg/Carton Box

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Product Application

As flour additive: Flour/Whole wheat flour/Bread/Unstandardized bakery foods
As an antioxidant: Fruit juices/Carbonated beverages/Wine/Beer/Frozen fruits/Canned fruits and vegetables/Sausages/Cured meats/Milk powder/Citrus oils
As a nutritive additive: Bakery products/Beer/Canned fruits and vegetables/Cereal products/Cocoa confectionery and drink powders/ Dairy products/Dietary supplements/Flour and bread/Fruit juices and drinks/Infant formulae/Meal replacements/Milk modifiers/Evaporated milk/Potato products/Sausages and other comminuted meats/Skim milk/Soft drinks/Sugar confectionery/Vegetable juices and wine


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